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Desktop Activity Recorder
Know how your employees
utilize their work hours
Desktop Activity Recorder software is an efficient solution to keep a check on your employees’ desktop activities. Monitor and record all ongoing activities and stop them from wasting time in chatting, visiting social networking sites, playing games and online shopping.
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Software Features
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  • Concurrently monitors multiple computers with in a domain / workgroup
  • Displays live view of all desktop activities going on monitored computers
  • Enables recording employees' desktop activities in AVI files
  • Helps you audit employees' desktop activities when you are not available
  • Provides a central location to remotely audit ‘n’ numbers of computers
  • Provides the facility to remotely install / uninstall the monitoring agent of any computer within a domain / workgroup
  • Enables to send notification to monitored computers
  • Provides an option to audit the desktop activities without letting the employee know that she/he being monitored
  • Facilitates you to schedule monitoring time for automatic auditing of employees' activities
  • Helps increasing work efficiency and productivity
  • Helps increasing return on investment
  • Enables monitoring dual monitor computers
  • Provides complete control over the monitored computers that is you can start, shut down, log off and restart the monitored computers without stopping over those computers
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows operating system such as: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 and Windows Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003
  • Available for a free trial of 7 days
  • Round the clock technical supports
  • Self-explaining graphical user interface

Every organization whether small or large, wants to know that what else their employee do during work hours apart from doing official work. Do they contribute their 100% to the organization or not. Are they wasting too much time in visiting social networking sites over Internet, in playing social games on sites, scrapping their friends or composing personal emails? Manually getting a satisfactory answer for all these questions is quite difficult and bit time-consuming. May be you need to employee extra staff member to spy activities of other employees, which becomes an additional cost.

Desktop Activity Recorder software helps you get the answer for all questions related to employees' desktop activities. The software is designed to let the organizations know that what their employees are actually doing during the work hours along with official work. The Desktop Activity Recorder comes in two parts – Viewer and Agent. The Viewer needs to be installed on computer from where you want to audit employees' desktop and the Agent will be installed on the computers whose desktop activities you have to monitor.

One of the greatest features of the Desktop Activity Recorder is it facilitates you to remotely install Agent on employees' computers that is your employees will never know that they are being monitored and you can catch them right handed while wasting time over Internet. The software works in background and in invisible mode, which is again an irresistible software feature. This comprehensive employees’ spy software enables you to view every desktop activity in the same way as you watch a LIVE show on your TV. The only thing you need to make sure before installing this fabulous Desktop Activity Recorder is your network connection speed is good.

Free Demo Version

You can try the software absolutely free for 7 days. However, during this period you can monitor only one computer at a time. Another restriction with the evaluation version is that you can record employee desktop activities but the movie you will create can be of maximum 5 minutes. To remove all these limitations, purchase full version.

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